Update- 3 August

Road work causing the complete closure of West Main Street will be completed by 7 August.  Beginning 8 August, traffic will be allowed to travel on West Main Street, though there still will be work ongoing and traffic will be limited to one lane at certain times.  Use of the pilot car and traffic light will be utilized and delays of up to 20 minutes may occur.  Bypassing the construction zone will still be available by utilizing the detour (see link above for downloadable map).  Construction is expected to be complete near the end of September. 

Update- 5 July

Road closure of West Main Street will be from 10 July to 7 August.  Use the link above to take you to a map for the detour and a downloadable pdf map you can print.  There are orange 'Detour' signs along the route in both directions at each of the road intersections to help guide traffic.  After 7 August, it will still be about 6 weeks before all construction is complete.

Update- 18 May

We attended the weekly public meeting (17 May) regarding the West Main road construction.  We were able to discuss with city, county and construction leadership about the impact to Grizzly Gardens.  We received updates regarding work schedule and traffic procedures.  Crews will continue to work from Monday thru Saturday, 7am-7pm, but there are a few scheduled days of no work on Saturday such as Memorial Weekend, 9 June, 30 June, and 4 August.  We got clarification regarding the traffic light procedures when there is no work ongoing (evenings/Sunday).  A red/green traffic light will be used due to the reduced width of the roadway limiting access to one way traffic only.  The traffic light is currently set on a 4 minute timer to manage the flow of traffic. The closure of West Main is still scheduled for 5 July and should last about 30 days.  We will continue to monitor updates and post any changes or updates as we become aware of them.

We also have begun to experience delays that can be as long as 15-20 minutes during the work day.

Update- May 10

We wanted to give some personal feedback regarding the construction.  When travelling to and from downtown during early morning to school, midday errands, and even late evening trips, we have been pleasantly surprised with the timeliness of getting through the construction site.  The longest delay we have experienced is 9 minutes.  Our perception is that the construction crew makes it a point to not block both lanes of traffic unless absolutely necessary which helps keep the pilot car moving traffic thru the site with minimal delay.  We appreciate the professionalism of the team from Helena Sand and Gravel.

Road Construction to Grizzly Gardens


West Main Street from Carriage Lane (entrance to Reeder's Village subdivision) to the intersection of Grizzly Gulch Drive and Oro Fino Gulch Drive will be under construction this summer/fall

Road work begins Monday, 30 April.


Work Days are Mon-Sat, 7am to 7pm.  The road will be reduced to one way traffic with a pilot car in use.  Delays can be up to 20 mins.


Outside of work hours, there will be synchronized traffic lights to manage the one way traffic.


No earlier than 5 July, West Main will be completely closed for about 30 days.  Traffic will be detoured around the work site using Davis Street (up Davis Gulch), Dry Gulch Drive (Dry Gulch) and Arastra Gulch Drive to Oro Fino Gulch.  Grizzly Gardens can then be accessed by travelling south along Oro Fino Gulch Drive (thru Unionville) to Grizzly Gulch Drive.  Davis Gulch Rd, Dry Gulch Rd, and Arastra Gulch Rd are all bus routes so they are maintained to the same standard as Grizzly Gulch.


Road construction is expected to be completed at the end of September.

See below a Google Map with directions for the detour during road closure: